Halfslant’s goal is to expand the very definitions and understanding of what art can be. We strive to create dynamic experiences by challenging contemporary artists, encouraging non-artist participation and effectively engaging a broad public audience. We act as a facilitator of ideas and inspiration by providing structure and expertise to bring ambitious and forward thinking projects to life. Anyone, or anyplace has enormous creative potential – we simply strive  to make it real.

Where we work : Anywhere.
In working out side of the “white box” of the art world we create projects that inspire, and ultimately articulate a beautiful and powerful idea. By working principally in alternative spaces, we bring focus to the physical locations of our projects and make them central to the experience of the viewer. Participants are also able to create new display mechanisms in such spaces, where their work is dynamically engaged with the environment.

Who we work with : Anyone.
We make a project a reality by creating a prompt for our participants which is challenging and engaging. Everyone has the potential to create amazing experiences through art, therefore we seek to collaborate with individuals from a variety of backgrounds – actors, scientists, historians, designers, architects, musicians, et cetera – because different perspectives alter traditional ideas of what art can be and can do. This multi-disciplinary and non-traditional means of approaching, creating and exhibiting art gives rise to striking, exciting and accessible projects which sacrifice neither complexity nor intimacy for broad appeal and understanding.