The Fine Art Adoption Network: Halfslant wants to marry you.

by patti

This is the kind of thing that makes us not hate the art world and believe in the possibility of world peace for a minute. via NYFA

Last year, Class 808 at M.S. 131 in Manhattan’s Chinatown wrote to artist Audra Wolowiec asking if they might “adopt” her uneditioned multiple, pocket cloud, a square of recycled metallic film, sky blue on one side and silver on the other, with attached instructions to crumple the film into a ball, “place in pocket,” and “open when needed.” In their joint letter to Wolowiec, the seventh and eighth graders wrote that they liked that the piece was portable and smooth and would “feel like we had a real cloud with us.” Charmed by the letter, Wolowiec gave each classmate a pocket cloud to customize and look after.

The exchange between Wolowiec and Class 808 was made possible by the Fine Art Adoption Network (FAAN), a website where artists post works they are willing to donate to whomever makes the most compelling case for ownership. FAAN visitors can browse available artworks by artist name and discipline and, if they see a piece they would like to own, email the artist through the site to explain why the work resonates with them. Artists choose which, if any, of the would-be adopters will receive their work, and can ask as many questions as they wish before making their choice.

For the full article at NYFA Current: http://bit.ly/fhcIKK

2 comments on ‘The Fine Art Adoption Network: Halfslant wants to marry you.’

patti — 07 December 2010 10:47
I know isn't heart warming? Thanks!
Kerry — 07 December 2010 03:59
Love this.